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Into a Mobile World

Making money will now depend on how deftly tech companies can track their users from their desktop computers to the phones in their palms and ultimately to the stores, cinemas and pizzerias where they spend their money. It will also depend on how consumers — and government regulators — will react to having every move monitored.
The amount of time people spend on their phones surfing the Web, using apps, playing games and listening to music has more than doubled in the last two years, to 82 minutes a day, according to eMarketer; the time spent online on computers will grow just 3.6 percent this year.

Watching TV is now multi-tasking

TV no longer gets our full attention as it is mostly used simultaneously with other screens (smartphone, laptop, tablet).

I’m sometimes shopping, sometimes looking for recipes, sometimes typing them up, you know. Sending emails, reading, I could do anything on there. It’s not often that I just sit and watch TV and do just that.” – Lori

Mobile is key: Smartphones are the devices used the most throughout the day. They are also the most common starting point for activities that will take us to other screens. Think of that book that you checked on the go to see if they had it online, but that you ended up ordering from your laptop.

Source – The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platorm Consumer Behavior. August, 2012. Google

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